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South India
South India
Captivating, hospitable and very beautiful. Riding our classic motorcycles

January, February and March.

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Leh Ladakh
Leh Ladakh
Traveling through all the beauty the Himalayas has to offer is bliss for any real explorer

July, Augest and early September.

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A journey that offers enormous variety and is India at its exotic and colorful best ....

October to March

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South India

Motorcycling in South India

A country within a country, India's tranquil South is a historic land of tradition and ancient custom. It is home to the Dravidian art and culture, characterized by its beautiful ornate temples with their soaring towers known as 'gopurams'. Picturesque beaches line up and down the eastern and western coasts. Coconut palms, cashew nut groves and paddy fields dominate the landscape. This tour takes you through four of India's southern states that are known for their most varied and beautiful scenery. Of course, on this tour a visit to the Enfield Motorcycle company is also included.

Motorcycling Tour in South India

Duration : 18 nights /19 days
Destinations Covered : Chennai - Mahabalipuram - Kanchipuram - Pondicherry - Tanjore - Trichy - Madurai - Munnar - Cochin - Alleypey - Varkala - Kovalam - Kanyakumari - Trivandram - Chennai/Mumbai.

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Click for a Blow upDay 01 - Chennai
Arrive Chennai by Flight. Welcome at airport and transfer to Hotel. O/N Hotel.

Once all the members of the group have arrived, the group leader will gather the group together for an introductory briefing. This meeting usually takes place at noon on Day 2, and will provide the travellers with a broad outline of trip and will also give them some useful tips for their stay in the country.

Day 02 - Chennai
Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu the southern state on the East Coast of India.

O/N Hotel. (B)

Day 03 - Mahabalipuram
Drive to Mahabalipuram renowned for the famous rock cut shore temple.

The former seaport of Pallava Kingdom is now a seaport sitting quietly amongst its famous rock cut temples, friezes and shore temples. Mahabalipuram also has an excellent beach and good sea food. On the shores of Mahabalipuram is a group of three pyramidical temples, collectively called the shore temples. Two of these are dedicated to Shiva and the third sandwhiched between them, is dedicated to Vishnu. The famous Arjuna's Penance and the Krishna Mandapa, adorm massive rocks near the centre of the vilage. Most of the accomodation is not actually in the town itself, but on the few beaches a few kms north. O/N Hotel.(B)

Day 04 - Kanchipuram city tour.
Today we ride up the motorcycles west towards the temple town of Kanchipuram where we have the few of the best temples in Tamil Nadu. This tour offers an excellent opportunity to ride along the back alleys of the villages with some excellent views of the people working in the paddy fields. O/N Mahabalipuram Hotel.

South India Day 05 - Pondicherry
Drive to POndicherry the beautiful former french colony. P:M Free to relax and visit the local markets etc. O/N Hotel (B)

Day 06 - City tour of Pondicherry
O/N HOtel. (B)

Day 07 - Tanjore
Drive from Pondicherry to Tanjore

This was the capital of the great Chola Empire. The modern city of Tanjore is still dominated by the greatest achievement of the chola's, the magnificient Brihadishwara Temple. This huge thousand year old temple complex is now a world Heritage monument and demonstrates the famed Chola archecture at its peak. The main shrine to the Hindu God Shiva is contained inside the largest sanctuary tower in India and is guarded by a huge statue of the bull Nandi. The many buildings inside the complex are richly decorated throughout and because the temple is now protected monument as well as functioning temple it is possible for visitors to explore the whole site in detail. O/N Hotel. (B)

Day 08 - Trichy
Tanjore to Trichy

Right in the centre of Trichy, visible for miles around, is the rock fort temple, reached by climbing up a tunnel of 437 steps to the top where there is reward of a splendid view, especially of the srirangam temple. This superb temple complex is probably the largest in India with colourful bazaars in the first layer and Brahmin's houses in the second. Logically found on and around Big Bazaar road, are also well worth exploring. O/N Hotel. (B)

Day 09 - Madurai
Trichy to Madurai.

Full of colourful bazaars, street tailors, thongs of pilgrims and joyful religious processions. Madurai today is a bustling city which attracts thousands of visitors from outside each day. It is one of southern India's oldest cities and has been a centre of learning and pilgrimage for centuries. Madurai's main attraction is the famous temple dedicated to the Godess Meenakshi, who was one of the re-incarnations of Parvati, Shiva's consort. Apart from the estimated 33 million sculpturesto arrest your attension the life of the temple is absolutely absorbing and many visitors find themselves drawn back at several different times of the day. At 21:30 each evening there is a closing ceremony in which an image of Shiva is carried in procession to Parvati's bedroom. This ceremony is accompanied by chanting priests, drummers and torchbearers, making this into an unforgettable experience. The image of Shiva is taken back at about 5o'clock the next morning. O/N Hotel. (B)

Tea Plantations in MunnarDay 10 - Munnar
Madurai to Munnar

The British used Munnar as a hill station to escape the oppressive heat of south Indian summers. Located near the highest peak of South India, the Annaimudi (2695m), Munnar offers some of the most awesome scenery south of the Himalayas. The hills around Munnar are covered with extensive tea plantations and other spices growing in the profuse greenery. O/N Hotel (B)

Day 11 In Munnar
A day to relax in Munnar. We are free to visit the spice gardens of join in for a hike up to one of the hills. O/N Hotel. (B)

Day 12 Cochin
Munnar to Cochin

The spirit of the portugese, the Dutch and the English lingers on in the narrow streets and the architecture of the houses in Kochi as it does in the fine old church of St. Francis, where Vasco Da Gama was burried in 1524. We also visit one of India's few remaining functioning synagogues, see the beautiful murals adorning the walls of the mattancherry palace which was occupied by both the dutch and the Portugese, and see the famous old Chinese fishing nets on our tour. Kerala is home to Kathakali Dancing, and Cochin is probably the best place to see the unique art. During the performance, actors depict characters from the Puranas and the Mahabharatas - super human beings, demons and ordinary men and women. The dancers, all males, adorn themselves in huge scorns and head dresses, wearing whjat surely must be the most intricate make up known to any dance style anywhere in the world. O/N Hotel.

Day 13, Tour of Cochin
Visit all the important places of interest. O/N Hotel.

Alleypey Day 14, Alleypey (Backwaters)
Cochin to Alleypey

A boatride through the facinating backwaters of Kerela.This journey offers a glimpse of the people whose lives centres on the waters as we cross shallow water lakes and call in at settlements along our route. The whole coastal stretch in this area is criss cross by beautiful palm fringed narrow canals and wide rivers. Dug out cannoes with huge sails and pros carved into the shape of dragons still transport people and coir products from the villages to nearby towns. We travel on houseboat and stay overnight with all our meals included and freshly prepared and making this atrue luxury. O?N Houseboat in backwaters.B,L,D

Day 15 Alleypey to Varkala
Alleypey to Varkala

Is a cliff side beach resort which is stunningly beautiful. We spend two days here relaxing at the beaches and savouring local delicacies at one of its many beach restaurants.O/N Hotel.

Day 16 in Varkala.
O/N Hotel.

Day 17 Kovalam
Varkala to Kovalam

Kovalam, Kerela's most famous beach resort consist of 3 adjacent cresent beaches, separated by rocky headlands as elsewhere in Kerela the cocunut palms abound everywhere. Even though popular the beaches are fairly quite by European standards. It is possible to watch the fisherman bringing in the nights catch. If you visit the beach in beach in the early morning you could even join then to pull the nets out of the water.The bare rocks and sandy beaches creates some of the most stuning settings at dusk and dawn.

Day 18 Kovalam to Kanyakumari.
Today we have an optional drive to the last point of India called Kanyakumari. This southern most tip is 82 kms from Kovalam and to reach there we start early after a light breakfast. Kanyakumari is a point where India officially ends and we see the three different merging colours of the seas with the ocean.We visit the Vivekanad memorial located in the sea on a huge rock.We return in time for a farewell party courtsey bikescape team and look backward at our journey with fond memories.O/N hotel

Day 19 Kovalam to Trivandrum for onward flight
Transfer to Trivandrum for connecting flight either to Chennai or to Mumbai for onward international flight.

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